Everything events! From starting one to increasing sponsorship and attendees to managing your team and budget.

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Helpful written information sharing ‘how-to’s with steps guiding you through topics you want to learn.

Events: Common Mistakes

Events: Common Mistakes

Maximise the success of your event by avoiding some of these common mistakes.

Events: Step by Step

Events: Step by Step

Planning is the key to executing a well organised, enjoyable, and successful event.

The Purpose of Your Event

The Purpose of Your Event

Before you jump into planning an event, it’s important to clarify what the purpose of the event is.


Guided courses taking you through a specific topic. From short topic focused courses or deeper dive courses on specific subjects. 

7 Tips to Deliver Events on a $0 Budget [Course]

We take you through 7 energy-themed sessions exploring multiple tips and strategies you can use to reduce the cost of your event.

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