Your Easy Stakeholder Communication Plan [Course]

If you don’t have a communication plan for your stakeholders you could lose funding; support and future opportunities.

Author by: iClick2Learn

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So many people forget to talk to their supporters and funders, or they aren’t communicating the right message at the right time.

This can have a massive effect on your relationship with them, which in turn, can affect their willingness to fund you, or support you again!

In these 8 short lessons, you will learn a simple 7 step approach to developing your communication plan.You’ll also get a free template to use during the course, and you’ll finish with your plan ready to use.

I’ve deliberately kept this eCourse short and to the point because I know you need a plan that’s practical, and a plan you can use right now.

These easy video lessons will take you through the critical elements of a communication plan.

It’s jargon free and cuts to the heart of the questions you need to think about. 

Most people put this off because they believe that developing a plan is too hard but it doesn’t need to be! 

With just 14 minutes invested in taking this course you can save so much time in the long-term, and more importantly, build better relationships with supports and funders

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