The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Web Designer [Course]

There are so many websites designers to choose from now, but how do you know if the web designer is delivering a quality site? This course explains all of the requirements for managing a website build.

Author by: Glen Dunkley

Course Details

Today, more and more people use the internet to search for the products or services they need!

Just calling the first web designer that comes along and paying for a website means there are no real criteria for deciding which web designer to employ, good or bad.

And just because it sounds like they are talking the talk doesn’t mean they fully understand digital marketing best practices, which is essential to producing a well-performing website.

You don’t necessarily know what questions to ask because your business is your specialty, you expect the web designer to ask you the right questions right!  but do they?

Why does this matter?

You could easily end up with AN EXPENSIVE ONLINE BROCHURE that just sits there that does next to nothing, (except line the pockets of the web designer), and locked into high ongoing monthly hosting fees for years.

Don’t rely on price alone to find a web designer. That can only end in heartache.

So how will you know which one to choose, or even what sort of website is the best for your business?

Well know you won’t need to worry

You will save yourself time and take control when dealing with the web designer and get what best for your business, not what they want to sell you.

I explain in plain English what questions you should be asking web designer so you know what to expect, and what you should be getting for your money.

When you take this short online course you will be armed with the knowledge to understand what to expect from a web designer and how to get your website working for you 24/7

Whether you are selecting a web designer to build a new website or replacing an existing site this course is for you.

This quick course can transform your business and change the way you do business not just in the next few months – or in the next few years, but the rest of your life

If you only get one more customer converted from your website, then this course will be well worth your while!

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