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The ultimate guide to choosing the best web developer


When you take this short online course you will be armed with the knowledge to understand what to expect from a web developer and how to get your website working for you 24/7



Just finding a web developer on Google or in the local newspaper doesn’t mean you will get the best value for money or choose the best one right away?

And just because it sounds like they are talking the talk doesn’t mean they are experts in digital marketing either. How will figure out what they are telling you or more importantly, not telling you?

Business owners don’t necessarily know what questions to ask – your business is your speciality, you expect the web developer to ask you the right questions, but do they?

Whether you are selecting a web developer to build a new website or replacing an existing site. You will learn what to expect when dealing with any type of web developer.

So to avoid the pitfalls and get a website that performs for you, instead of just an online brochure, I have put together this quick course so you will be armed with the information you need when you meet with the web developer.

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