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Education and Care Services: Improving Committees and Boards


Even if you are an experienced committee member the Improving Committees and Boards course builds on the Committee and Board Induction course by giving you more practical ways to monitor and improve the performance of your committee and service.



Education and Care Services: Improving Committees and Boards

Through the principles of good governance, your committee will understand:

  • How to create and maintain a strong committee in an ethical and positive workplace and monitor individual, committee and service performance.   
  • Their individual and group responsibilities in the areas of finance, strategic planning and risk management.
  • The processes involved in keeping your service on track with its mission and purpose
  • The importance of developing and maintaining policies and procedures.  

The course covers:

  • The process involved in planning and implementing strategies to achieve your service’s mission and purpose
  • Ways to work with the people in your service to monitor and enhance performance and achieve your service’s goals
  • The 10 golden rules of risk management and the most common risks experienced in the education and care services sector

Completing the course

The course has 10 sections containing an introduction, lessons and a summary. It takes approximately 3hrs 20 mins to complete the course. We suggest you schedule one section per month to complete the course along with your committee. 

Once you have successfully completed this course you will receive a certificate that can assist your service to demonstrate compliance with Quality Area 7.

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