Many of us wouldn’t be here without them!  Learn how to start, build, engage, leverage and manage your wonderful volunteers.

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Hand-curated micro-learning short videos giving you knowledge and practical actions to help you start, build and grow your organisation. 

Risk Management

Why risk training is a great thing for volunteers to have

How the right safety training will reduce the risks to you and others, and how you can be actively involved and well informed in an emergency

Volunteer Supervisor

Volunteer Supervisor

Why a volunteer co-ordinator or volunteer supervisor is essential to successful volunteer teams.

Volunteer Safety

How to stay safe while volunteering

How to you can stay safe as a volunteer by proactively addressing risks, how to complete an incident report and your volunteer insurance.


So you’re a volunteer! What now?

What are the foundational things you need to ask yourself when you start your volunteering role.

Position Description

Volunteer Position Description

Why your volunteer job description will help you achieve your goals


People who Volunteer

How to you can learn the ropes as a new volunteer in an organisation.


Volunteer Costs and Reimbursements

Why you'll want to know the cost of volunteering before you sign up

Creating a Positive Volunteer Culture

Why creating a great volunteer culture in your organisation will build success


Helpful written information sharing ‘how-to’s with steps guiding you through topics you want to learn.

Volunteer thinking

Volunteering: What to think about before signing up

Before volunteering, it’s important to consider why you want to volunteer and what you want to achieve.


Guided courses taking you through a specific topic. From short topic focused courses or deeper dive courses on specific subjects. 

Deliveries in Covid

Volunteering During COVID [Course]

Volunteers are vital to a healthy community, especially during a pandemic like COVID-19. This free course will give you practical tips to stay safe while volunteering in this challenging time.

Volunteering 101 [Course]

In the eCourse, you’ll learn: knowing yourself as a volunteer, volunteer organisations, volunteer roles, and how to stay safe in your role.

Volunteer Induction [Course]

The induction eCourse is suitable for first time volunteers and as a refresher for existing volunteers.

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