From fundamental principles to tools and templates that help you build your audience; supporters and grow your organisation. 

7 Ms of marketing


Hand-curated micro-learning short videos giving you knowledge and practical actions to help you start, build and grow your organisation. 

Why Focus On Marketing

Why Focus on Marketing

The biggest tip for using the 7 Ms of marketing in your organisation

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Measure The Marketing

Measuring Marketing Outcomes that Matter

Why measuring what matters is the key to the success of your service

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Maintain Your Marketing

Maintain your Marketing

How you can maintain your marketing momentum with this template

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Buyer Personas

Buyer Personas

How to target your messages so they connect with the right people

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Monitor Your Marketing

Monitoring Your Marketing Activities to Maximise Opportunities

Why monitoring your online activities will retarget your message

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Build Your Website

Build your Website

How your website draws people from social media to your home page

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Marketing Content Creation

Why you should design digital marketing content for each platform

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Marketing Engagement

Market Engagement

How to choose the mediums you use to engage with your markets

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Myth-busting Social Media Costs and Benefits

Social Media is fabulous - or is it? Delve into the myths and truths of social media.

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Digital Storytelling

Why you Need Digital Storytelling to get Your Marketing Message Heard

Why you need digital storytelling to get your marketing message heard

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Develop your marketing message

Develop your Marketing Messages

How to develop your message for campaigns targeting your personas

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How to develop meaning in your marketing messages

How to Develop Meaning in Your Marketing Messages

Why sharing the story of your community impact is important

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Guided courses taking you through a specific topic. From short topic focused courses or deeper dive courses on specific subjects. 

Annual Communications Plan

How to Create an Annual Communications Plan [Course]

Learn how to create content that will engage and connect with your organisation’s community.

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Stake Holder Communication Plan

Your Easy Stakeholder Communication Plan [Course]

If you don’t have a communication plan for your stakeholders you could lose funding; support and future opportunities.

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Web Designer [Course]

There are so many websites designers to choose from now, but how do you know if the web designer is delivering a quality site? This course explains all of the requirements for managing a website build.

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7 Ms of marketing

7 Steps to Marketing Your Organisation [Course]

Increase volunteers, secure more money and attract clients and partners to your community organisation

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