Financials aren’t scary or boring!  Simple effective learning that helps you better understand this unnecessarily complex topic. 

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Hand-curated micro-learning short videos giving you knowledge and practical actions to help you start, build and grow your organisation. 

reading financial statements

Understanding how to read and analyse your financial statements

Key ways to gauge your financial strengths and weakness.

Financial controls that protect you and your organisation

The financial controls you need to safeguard your organisation's future

What are audits

What are audits and which one do I need?

What audits are and what you should do to prepare

Financial Reports

Why you need financial reports to help make decisions

The key reports you need to keep on top of your financials

Forecasting your financial future

Forecasting your financial future is the key to financial success

Understanding forecasting to keep your financial health on track.

Monitoring your Financial Position

Monitoring your Financial Position

4 things that give you the power to keep your finance on its top game.

Financial Controls

Financial Controls

Asking these 9 financial questions will prevent errors, theft and fraud.

Understanding your balance sheet

Understanding your Balance Sheet

3 sections of your balance sheet explained so it makes sense

Paying Members

Paying Committee Members

Important things you should consider before deciding to pay members.

Key Financial Terms

Key Financial Terms

9 essential key words to decode your finances and unlock your success

Financial Health

How to assess your financial health

4 video series explaining essential ways for you to assess your organisation's financial health, why you should book an appointment to assess your financial health and how using ratios and benchmarks will make the most of your money.

Align Strategy and Finances

Maximise your potential by making a plan that covers all of your bases


Helpful written information sharing ‘how-to’s with steps guiding you through topics you want to learn.

Understanding Common Financial Reports

Understanding Common Financial Reports

As a committee member, you should regularly review financial reports and statements.

Finance Basics

Finance Basics

Financial oversight is part of your organisation’s good governance, but it doesn't have to be painful.


Get the answers to your questions and receive trusted advice from our not for profit experts. 

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