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Australia's only certified eLearning Social Enterprise

iClick2Learn focuses on creating engaging online courses specifically for the community sector. We’ll work with you, your subject matter experts and ours to develop meaningful, engaging and relevant training that transforms your community

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    Turn Key Solution

    Turn - Key Solutions

    Fully project managed options for the time poor organisation that needs a ‘turn-key’ solution.You can be involved as much or as little as you want.

    Clipart of different learning types

    Training Options

    We offer a full range of delivery methods. Including face to face, webinars, blended learning and fully interactive digital learning experiences.

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    Instructional Designers

    Instructional designers who understand learning styles and engagement strategies.

    We’ve worked on many diverse small and large scale learning projects that have included the following products:

    • Animated videos using standard, or custom designed characters
    • Written manuals and tools such as checklists and DIY templates.
    • Webcasts and process/software explainers and walkthroughs
    • Whiteboard videos 
    • Infographic videos
    • Presenter videos with animations
    • Interviews and case studies
    • Scenario based actor videos
    • Instructional ‘how-to’ videos

    Your learning content can be delivered face-to-face; on-demand available 24/7; drip-fed over a series of days or weeks or instructor led.  You can choose one delivery method, or a blended learning approach. The blended learning approach helps to reinforce workshop delivery learnings. You can use this to either inform and educate prior to a workshop, or reinforce the learnings post-workshop.

    Here's how we help

    • Train your community sector, face-to-face; online or using blended learning for sustainable learning results. This can be one workshop at a time; in a learning program; in an online conference or through a series of learning experiences.
    • Develop an annual learning plan for your members, or community;
    • Share your community success stories through video or audio interviews and case studies;
    • Converting your wealth of information and knowledge either recorded or as your corporate intellectual property to develop engaging; relevant online learning;
    • Provide your community access to a comprehensive learning library and a regular series of webinars;
    • Develop or support a community of practice; 
    • Utilise an accessible online learning management system with statistics 
    Community Online Courses

    We are the only eLearning provider and community sector relevant specialist in Australia who offers comprehensive and flexible end-to-end elearning services to help you achieve your community learning goals.

    Our delivery framework

    We’ll work with you through a 6 stage delivery framework which incorporates:

    1. Identifying: Your goals and your learners needs and pathways.
    2. Measuring: Defining the project’s measures of learning success.
    3. Planning: Results based planning focuses on how the learning content achieves the goals, needs and measures throughout the learning and post-learning touchpoints.
    4. Alignment: Develop goals based learning curriculums and scripts. 
    5. Crafting: Content is carefully crafted to connect new messages with the learner’s knowledge in familiar contexts.
    6. Translate: The post-learning plan focuses on reinforcing those new behaviours and translating learning into action.

    These methodologies are embedded across each stage of the above 6 stage proprietary delivery framework, we call IMPACT.

    Our delivery framework is underpinned with our proprietary learning pedagogy that considers 12 learning methodologies; human centred design; user experience mapping; accessibility and production methodologies to achieve learning that’s engaging and valuable for your learners.

    Impact Methodology Image

    Our expertise

    Our team have demonstrated their expertise in delivering multiple learning projects over the last 20+ years, and have achieved the following qualifications:

    • Masters in Business Administration 
    • Master of Arts in eLearning; organisational learning and technology; 
    • Bachelor in Education Sciences, 
    • Bachelor of Business in Public Relations
    • Diploma of Governance; 
    • Graduate Diploma in Training, Design & Assessment;
    • Diploma in Human Development
    • Diploma in Vocational Education & Training; 
    • Graduate Certificate in Digital Education.
    • Grad Cert in Facilitating and Managing eLearning;
    • Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment; 
    • Training and Assessment Education (TAE) 
    • And numerous industry professional development courses and certificates such as micro-learning; online learning; human centered design; user experience design and many more. 

    Why use our Learning Management System

    An LMS is used to deliver training and enhance the learning process.

    There are many benefits of using an LMS to deliver online training over simply adding content to a web page.

    An LMS streamlines the training process to: 

    • Facilitates students to self enrol in courses
    • Track students through courses
    • Records the student’s progress
    • Provide interactive elements like quizzes and assignments. 
    • Enables drip-fed lessons, linear or open course progression
    • Provide badges or certificates of achievement or completion

    Inside view of our Learning Management System

    Ways we can work together


    We can deliver your training in a number of ways, from traditional workshops supported with online learning, to 100% online.

    We’ll work with you to select the most appropriate delivery method for the subject matter and learner to achieve your objectives.

    Learning options

    We understand that not every organisation’s objectives and student learning types are the same.That’s why we offer a range of learning options for you, tailored to your needs. Not just the regular ‘cookie cutter’ options.

    Why not just do it yourself?

    These days most people have access to a video camera of some sort and it is relatively easy to upload videos to Youtube or embed them into a website page.

    But that is just the easy part. Handling the complexities of project management and technical know-how to operate a learning management system and technology may not be for you.

    Then there is:

    • Storyboarding
    • Instructional design
    • Scene changes
    • Reducing cognitive load
    • Providing images 
    • Adding interactives
    • File management
    • Setting milestones
    • Video platform settings
    • Accessibility including captioning, colour contrasting, font size and types etc.
    • Lighting
    • Sound
    • Video editing

    But then there’s: 

    • No accreditation
    • No checking certificates
    • No student reporting

    Social Traders Certification

    As a social enterprise, we offer a range of professional eLearning products and 100% of profits generated are reinvested to develop on-demand learning content for the sector. It’s a win-win for everyone.

    And being a regional SME, working with us will also help your organisation achieve its social and economic procurement objectives. You’ll also find us on the Social Traders marketplace and other government procurement listing sites.

    We are an approved Government provider, having worked with local, state and federal agencies, and we comply with all relevant government policies, legislation and regulations.

    We’ve worked with state and national not-for-profit industry associations and philanthropic organisations to achieve their community learning objectives.   

    You can also measure the effectiveness of learning using our proprietary Social Return on Investment methodology, developed in partnership with the University of New South Wales. 

    Our theory of change is mapped to achievements across 13 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. This includes the achievement of strong results in  

    #4: Quality Education; 

    #5 Gender equality; 

    #8 Decent work and economic growth and 

    #16 Peace, justice and strong institutions.  

    We also contribute to an additional 9 goals through outcomes across our team; our enterprise, partners and suppliers and social impact measures. 

    Empty Classroom.

    Offline training issues

    There are many circumstances prevent people from attending traditional face to face training.

    Training’ is becoming more costly, and time-consuming.

    People have to wait for scheduled training, and It can be months to the next opportunity. There’s travel, lost productivity, wages costs, and out of pocket expenses as well.

    And there’s always people that miss out. 

    So you decide to put your resources online to make them more accessible. But the material is often just re-purposing manuals and downloadsSo hardly anyone is using it!

    Benefits of online learning

    Online learning provides a delivery method that fits peoples busy work-life schedule regardless of their learning pace, or style.

    And it’s on demand. Nobody misses out or has to wait.

    And that pile of resources nobody is using?

    When your content is crafted into online learning, it will be clearer to understand, and people are more likely to engage with it.

    Reducing training costs are often the main reason why organisations switch from traditional classroom-based training to eLearning.

    That’s why online learning has grown by over 900% as a preferred delivery method since 2001.

    Women sitting around desk with laptops
    Natalie Bramble training online

    What is good online learning?

    Those death by powerpoint presentations with boring bullet points, and drawn out lectures just don’t cut it anymore, 

    Good online learning combines visual communications, instructional design graphic design and a positive learner’s experience.

    It reduces cognitive load for the learner by breaking the content into micro-learning, so they can process the information more easily.

    Good online learning should also be accessible for people who have a hearing or vision impairment, so lessons should have high contrasting colours, easy to read fonts, transcripts and closed captions.

    eLearning best practices

    Good online learning should include scenarios which improves the ability to recall the information. And the narrative should be short and concise, and the text easy to read. The key messages should be repeated throughout the course.

    And to help meaningful learning and be engaging, lessons should include interactives like multiple choice quizzes, tests, scenarios, and animated video.

    And it uses storytelling to form an emotional connection.

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    Looking for an online training solution for your individual needs?

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