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The most comprehensive learning in the sector

There are some growing challenges for not-for-profits and government departments at the moment. Not least of which is the need for safe access to training whilst managing financial cuts across the sector. Resources are limited, but access to high-quality training doesn’t have to be. An online learning library leverages digital assets to meet your training needs and your budget. And once your library is up and running, it’ll keep training whoever and wherever you want, for as long as you want.

A learning library not only makes your training COVID-19 safe, but it’ll also maximise your resources by:
  • Improving returns on your investment
  • Reducing attendance costs
  • Scaling to any number of participants
  • Lowering the cost per participant
  • Reducing staff workloads
  • Saving time with an automated system
  • Keeping your training consistent across the board (quite literally)
Need generic training? The iClick2learn learning library contains hours of broad sector-relevant training available to all our members.
Need specialised training? You need customised content, we’ll build you your own learning hub. You’ll choose how much involvement you want from us.
Want us to create everything and run your courses? Done.
Want to utilise our subject matter experts? Sure thing.
Got your own content but just need a library to keep it? No worries. We’ll curate your existing training material and host it on our platform. Your students can enrol and access the structured learning layout including interactive elements, quizzes, gamification and peer learning. Whatever you need, we’ll make it work for you and we’ll even share our tips and tricks for online training delivery, like how to host successful webinars.
You can meet the challenges of training in a pandemic by leveraging digital assets. Our learning library will turn your training problems into training solutions. Whatever you need, we’ll make it work.

Community training is also a great solution for foundations and corporate funders, agencies that support the sector, and member-based associations.

Topics covered in the library

Our learning content + yours

100% of our profits are reinvested into more content and your community benefits!  We’re constantly building content that is ‘demand driven’ as requested by our members.

Binge on hours and hours of learning materials in video; audio and written format or use our smart search tool to find the information you need. Choose from our many micro-learning materials or dig deep into one of our courses. 

  • Content designed and built for online learners using best-practice learning methodology. No boring webinar recordings here!
  • Content built by sector experts and directly relevant to the community development sector. 
  • Content supporting staff, board and volunteers in not-for-profits, charities and social enterprises. Valuable knowledge and learning also for any staff member working in and needing to understand and support their locally governed organisations.


OR, Choose the content you want*

Content you can include*

Content we can help you develop, record and edit; or do it for you*

*Note: will incur fees e.g. small admin fee

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