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Your easy stakeholder communication plan

If you don’t have a communication plan for your stakeholders you could lose funding; support and future opportunities.

So many people forget to talk to their supporters and funders, or they aren’t communicating the right message at the right time.

This can have a massive effect on your relationship with them, which in turn, can affect their willingness to fund you, or support you again!

In these 8 short lessons, you will learn a simple 7 step approach to developing your communication plan.

You’ll also get a free template to use during the course, and you’ll finish with your plan ready to use.

Hi, I’m Natalie Bramble I’m a community sector consultant, and I’ve trained over 7,500 people across Australia, helping them improve their organisations.  I’ve also developed and delivered successful marketing strategies and communication plans.

I’ve deliberately kept this eCourse short and to the point because I know you need a plan that’s practical, and a plan you can use right now.


"Her real-world examples and her willingness to share her experiences made the training real to me. I am able to take these experiences and apply them in my workplace. I have already implemented a number of strategies that Natalie showcased with immediate results. Thanks, Natalie"

 Darrell Nicholls, Treasurer Mereweather Bowling Club


These easy video lessons will take you through the critical elements of a communication plan.

It’s jargon free and cuts to the heart of the questions you need to think about. 

So many people put this off because they believe that developing a plan is too hard but it doesn’t need to be! 

With just 14 minutes invested in taking this course you can save so much time in the long-term, and more importantly, build better relationships with supports and funders.

You can connect with other students, and I’ll be supporting you during the course.

Best of all the eCourse is free, so join us to start today.




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  • Your easy stakeholder communication plan

  • lesson
    Mapping Stakeholders
    4 minutes
  • lesson
    Template overview
    1 minutes
  • lesson
    Who are you communicating with?
    1 minutes
  • lesson
    Why are you communicating with them?
    3 minutes
  • lesson
    What will you tell them?
    1 minutes
  • lesson
    Where will they find this information?
    1 minutes
  • lesson
    When will you communicate?
    1 minutes
  • lesson
    How will you achieve this plan?
    2 minutes

Natalie Bramble

Natalie Bramble has helped thousands of not-for-profit and social enterprises, and over 10,500 board members, staff and volunteers, across Australia, to improve their organisations - resulting in increased impact and sustainability.
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    How to Communicate with Your Stakeholders

    I found this course well worth doing and will be revisiting the course while I have the opportunity.

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