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If you don’t improve will you still exist in the future?

Continuous improvement isn’t just important for operations and programs, it’s just as critical that the board and committee do as well!

These days, funders also want to see that you have continuous improvement plans for your governors, in some cases it’s mandatory!

In these 8 short lessons, we’ll go through a quick overview of the stages involved to assess and evaluate your boards and committees.

There’s also a bonus 40 page manual complete with some detailed approaches to consider.

Hi, I’m Natalie Bramble I’m a community sector consultant and I’ve trained over 7,500 people across Australia, helping them improve their organisations.  I’ve also developed and delivered successful marketing strategies and communication plans.

I’ve deliberately kept this eCourse short and to the point because I know you need a plan that’s practical, and a plan you can use right now. 

“Her real world examples and her willingness to share her experiences made the training real to me. I am able to take these experiences and apply them in my workplace. I have already implemented a number of strategies that Natalie showcased with immediate results. Thanks Natalie”. Darrell Nicholls, Treasurer Mereweather Bowling Club

In this quick 15 minute eCourse I’ll take you through the main components to help you develop your assessment and evaluation plan.  We’ll discuss:

  • What assessments are and the best time to undertake them
  • We will briefly review some of the governance models as well if you wish to use them as your improvement frameworks!
  • The 6 main types of assessments boards undertake
  • Other information you may want to include in the assessment process
  • Some of the types of assessment methods you can use
  • We’ll review some of the questions and provide a great 42 point list
  • Tips on undertaking the assessment
  • How assessments differ from evaluations
  • We’ll review an evaluation process, and
  • Look at the evaluation criteria.

Finally, we’ll look at what needs to happen with the recommendations of the plan.

Get started on your plan today with the template we’ve included!

Now you’ll be able to tell your funders you’ve started your board evaluation plan and are focusing on continuous improvement in Governance!

You can connect with other students and I’ll be supporting you during the eCourse.


  • Resources And Downloads

  • lesson
    Course Downloads
    2 minutes
  • Governance Models

  • lesson
    Governance Models and Improvement Frameworks
    7 minutes
  • Assessments and Evaluations

  • lesson
    Introduction to Assessments and Evaluations
    3 minutes
  • Assessment and Evaluation Plan Template

  • lesson
    The Assessment and Evaluation Plan Template
    2 minutes
  • The Purpose

  • lesson
    Establish The Purpose
    2 minutes
  • Determine the Methodology

  • lesson
    Determine the Methodology (Part 1)
    8 minutes
  • lesson
    Determine the Methodology (Part 2)
    5 minutes
  • Undertaking the Assessment

  • lesson
    Undertaking the Assessment
    1 minutes
  • lesson
    Evaluate the Data
    5 minutes

Natalie Bramble

Natalie Bramble has helped thousands of not-for-profit and social enterprises, and over 10,500 board members, staff and volunteers, across Australia, to improve their organisations - resulting in increased impact and sustainability.
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