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Events can be costly and so many people have made simple mistakes and aren’t thinking outside the square for ways to minimise expenses and leverage the assets they have.

The end result can mean your organisation makes a loss, which can be avoidable if you know how.

The reality is, events are costly and the good news is that there are ways to run events without costing the organisation a cent!

I’m going to take you through 7 energy-themed sessions exploring multiple tips and strategies you can use to improve your event.

Hi, I’m Natalie Bramble.  I’ve been running community events professionally, and as a volunteer for many years.  As a graduate of the Australian Centre for Events, these days, I train, support and mentor other to improve their organisations and events.  As a community sector consultant and I’ve trained over 7,500 people across Australia, helping them improve their organisations

I would like to congratulate you for the delivery of the Women in Business Regional Program. The evaluations showed that many participants achieved real business results from their participation. This would not have happened without the focus, enthusiasm and attention, which you put into the event.

Women In Business NSW Department of State and Regional Development, Sydney

We are going to start off discussing the law of constraints and how critical it is to understand the expectations your stakeholders have and how you will meet those expectations.

We are then going to go through how you can apply the 7 themes to:

  1. Rethink your event resources; financing and strategies
  2. Reduce expenses and waste
  3. Reuse other event resources that are freely and readily available
  4. Recycle your event resources and leverage traditionally ‘once-off’ expenses for partnerships (who will pay for them!)
  5. Reframe your marketing to make sure you are attracting the right sponsors and attendees
  6. Repackage your event schedule to maximise opportunities to ‘sell’ packages
  7. Refuse to do those things that detract from your event.

This is amazing value. Over 60 minutes of tips and strategies absolutely, completely free of charge!

You can connect with other students and I’ll be supporting you during the eCourse.

Best of all the eCourse is free so join us to start today.

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Natalie Bramble

Natalie Bramble is the in-house community development specialist. She has helped over 7,500 non-profits and social enterprises increase their community impact through consultancy services and education that informs and empowers and has raised over $28.2 million in grant and tender funding