iClick2Learn Community Learning Library is ideal for council community development roles that would like to provide high impact training and capacity building in your community.
Community training is also a great solution for foundations and corporate funders, agencies that support the sector, and member-based associations.

If you would like to know more about how you can easily provide your community with your own branded learning hub, please call Cloe or Natalie, and we can organise a virtual tour of the site.


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The most comprehensive learning in the sector

Binge on hours and hours of learning materials in video; audio and written format or use our smart search tool to find the information you need. Choose from our many micro-learning materials or dig deep into one of our courses. 

  • Content designed and built for online learners using best-practice learning methodology. No boring webinar recordings here!
  • Content built by sector experts and directly relevant to the community development sector. 
  • Content supporting staff, board and volunteers in not-for-profits, charities and social enterprises. Valuable knowledge and learning also for any staff member working in and needing to understand and support their locally governed organisations.
  • Committee roles and responsibilities
  • Attracting people to your committee

  • How to become an effective board member

  • Legal structures and legislation

  • Difference between governance and management

  • What’s in a constitution?

  • Evaluating boards and committees
  • Volunteer roles and responsibilities

  • Ethics for volunteers
  • Financial management 101
  • Your financial cycles

  • Tips on analysing each of your financial statements

  • Budgeting and forecasting

  • Monitoring your financial position

  • Financial dashboard reporting

  • Building a healthy culture

  • Create a positive workplace

  • What to do when things go wrong

  • Identify and resolve conflicts

  • What to do when you need to dismiss staff

  • 4 key elements of performance management

  • Using social media to market your organisation

  • How to create a marketing message

  • Why you should create a stakeholder analysis

  • Why we use storytelling in marketing

  • Running events on a $0 budget

  • Fundraising  

  • Understanding grant application guidelines and eligibility

  • Risk and safety

  • Implementing risk management 

  • and much, much more….

Our learning content + yours

100% of our profits are reinvested into more content and your community benefits!  We’re constantly building content that is ‘demand driven’ as requested by our members.


  • Existing learning library on-demand 24/7.
  • Questions and requests submitted and responsive content developed to meet needs.
  • Weekly topic webinars ‘Lunch and Learn sessions free for your members.
  • New tools and templates every month.
  • Monthly grants spotlight helping organisations apply for funding.
  • New interviews with peers and experts loaded regularly

OR, Choose the content you want*

  • Like our content but need a some tweaks to a few videos or courses to customise for your legislation; or additions to mention your policies? We can change or re-record to suit your specific requirements.

Content you can include*

  • Any resource you own, or have permission to share such as downloads; articles; videos or interviews. Podcasts; webinar recordings and conference proceedings.

Content we can help you develop, record and edit; or do it for you*

  • New tools, templates or manuals written, video or audio.
  • Local leaders and community of practice interviews highlighting local knowledge, skills and experience.
  • Online courses to support key areas of knowledge or changes and additions to existing content to make it directly relevant to your community of practice. e.g. Grants course covers your grants programs and discusses examples.
  • Develop training and certify for continuing professional development points.

*Note: will incur fees e.g. small admin fee

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