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Assessing Boards And Committees

Assessing And Evaluating Boards And Committees

Good boards are no accident. They require regular monitoring and assessment. It’s essential that all board members take their job seriously, and ensure they are working with others as an efficient and effective team.

Develop Donor Personas For Not For Profit

So how do you increase your success?  There are so many things that you can do of course, but the main one we are talking about today is spending the time to develop donor personas. One simple tool you can use to help you achieve your fundraising goals is to develop donor personas. With many non-profits seeking ways to decrease their fundraising expenses and time, online fundraising seems to be the trend that’s here to stay. The biggest issue with this though is the lack of understanding about how online fundraising differs from traditional marketing methods, and the greatest challenge is that so many campaigns aren’t as successful as they could be.

One simple tool to dramatically improve the customer experience of your event!

Discover one simple tool to dramatically improve the experience for your event attendees. It’s critical for the future of your event that you deliver an experience that all your attendees, including your volunteers and staff, can enjoy. The negative word of mouth and these days massive social media attention that you can get from a negative experience of just one attendee can impact your events ability to grow its audience; sponsorship and profile.

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