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How To Help Your Charity Keep Its’ DGR Status


Why charities get deregistered.  There were a few issues, the biggest of these was a failure in their duties to comply...


How To Write A Mission Statement


How do I write a Mission Statement to get results? That’s the question I wondered if my community of followers and readers wanted to know this week when a previous workshop attendee reached out to me for my feedback on theirs. ​


How To Get Sponsors To Say ‘YES’


Influencing sponsors isn’t just about developing really good relationships, you must also deliver a commercial and social return.

4 abilities framework

Four Abilities for Grant Writing – Capabilities


Keep this in mind when writing your next submission; with an estimated 60 billion available in Grant funding surely there is plenty to go around?​ The news is that it doesn’t matter how great your project or the results you say you will deliver, it’s also about how well you have addressed the funder’s criteria and the questions in your response.  You also need to demonstrate that you have what I call the ‘The Four Abilities’.

4 abilities framework

Four Abilities for Grant Writing – Sustainability


Sustainability is about being able to continue something for a long time without using or completely destroying your resources (2).  And for you, non-environmental folk, don’t even start thinking this doesn’t apply to you!

grant viability

Four Abilities for Grant Writing – Viability


At this point, some of you will be thinking about the green and gold but the surprise for you is that viability is not just about financial viability. Sure, it’s part of what we are talking about but remember that – it’s only a part of it and we’ll deal with that part last. Viability questions if the project has the right elements to ensure it can be delivered and if it can achieve successful outcomes (1).So where do we start? We need to take off the blinkers and really take a good hard look at what we are doing and why we are doing it. 


Four Abilities for Grant Writing – Accountability


Last but not least we are talking about your Governance systems and processes.  It’s amazing how some people switch off when you mention the word policy or procedure!  ​

Assessing Boards And Committees

Assessing And Evaluating Boards And Committees


It’s essential that all board members take their job seriously, and ensure they are working with others as an efficient and effective team.

Constitution Checklist

Getting To Know Your Organisation And Its Constitution


Save yourself a steep learning curve, and potential legal matters, by working through this downloadable checklist. You will learn more about what your organisation does; what its current financial and operational status is, and what the constitution and policies – your rule books – say.

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