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Are you interested in becoming a trainer with iClick2Learn?

How does It work?

We work with passionate people who have information, knowledge, tools and tips to share to help individuals, non-profits, and social enterprises increase their community impact.

You don’t have to have a university degree! We want practical knowledge and how-to information, not theory based delivery.

All you need to demonstrate is that you have experience delivering what it is you want to teach.

Contact us directly and we’ll be in touch.

Types of courses you can create

The types of courses you can do are:

  • Video course
  • Skype Interview
  • Recorded Workshop Training
  • Mixed Media Presentation
  • Whiteboard Presentation
  • In person Interview
  • Audio Only Course


What to do now?


Contact us to learn how you can become a trainer at iClick2Learn. You can be delivering face to face training to regional organisations in your area. Create online courses and raise your online profile.