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What Is The Passion Behind iClick2Learn?

At iClick2Learn, we find ways to help board, staff and volunteers of not profit organisations just like you to achieve great results within their organisation, by providing affordable online education.  

Natalie Bramble

“I believe that non-profits and social enterprises should have equality of access to knowledge and education that helps them build and sustain their organisations and increase the positive impact they deliver in their communities.”

Natalie Bramble is the in house community development specialist. She has helped over 7,500 non-profits and social enterprises increase their community impact through consultancy services and education that informs and empowers and has raised over $28.2 million in grant and tender funding.

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Glen Dunkley

Glen Dunkley is a Online Marketing Professional. Glen is one of Community Courses Online Founders and has been in the online marketing space since 2006. “I believe education should be easily available to everyone, regardless of their location. Bringing training online helps keep the barriers of cost and travel time to a minimum for non profit volunteers. I also train small business in digital marketing communication and website building.” Glen has volunteered his time with local not for profits such as Dubbo Farmers Markets, Rotary and Toongi Hall helping them startup and maintain a successful online presence.

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There is increasing pressure on Not for profit organisations and social enterprises in Australia to deliver sustainable programs, services and events. They have limited resources and the majority lack the budgets to continually up-skill and develop their staff and volunteers. To attend training, staff and volunteers need to take time away from home in the evening and weekends and volunteers take leave from paid work during the day.This is inconvenient and costly to the organisation and volunteers; their organisation and staff of Councils and Government agencies who are also attending late nights and weekends.

With this in mind, the iClick2Learn concept was built on the premise that staff and volunteers need affordable, timely access to tools and knowledge to make it easier for them to deliver essential services and social impacts to their communities.


The mission ofiClick2Learn is to provide easily understood, affordable, and relevant online education for staff and volunteers of not-for-profits and social enterprises. Through iClick2Learn, volunteers have access to knowledge and non profit experts, making it easy and fun to volunteer.

iClick2Learn is a social enterprise, registered in New South Wales. The social enterprise has been co-founded by Natalie Bramble, Glen Dunkley and Karen Saunders.