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Everything we do is guided by our 3 core values of sharing knowledge, delivering value, and creating impact. 

These are the 3 standards we apply to our training products, learner journeys, client interactions and team culture.

Natalie Bramble

Natalie Bramble

CEO & Co-founder

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I’ve been supporting for-purpose organisations delivering social change and increasing their social impact for nearly 20 years. Time, and time again I heard the same issues that prevented them from accessing sector knowledge.  To address these, I co-founded iClick2Learn.

We teach business skills to boards, staff and volunteers in not-for-profits; charities and social enterprises.  What we really do is change their lives through career development; transferable knowledge and skills and confidence and motivation to progress their social change purpose and support their community. That’s what excites me! We know that the ability for organisations to respond to changes in the sector, and to adapt and innovate, depends on the capacity of their people and that’s who we’re investing in. I’m always keen for discussions on collaborations and projects with shared value.

In between work I find time to volunteer for some good causes such as mentoring; judging a human-centred design contest for Syrian teenagers living in a refugee camp in Iraq; Supporting business development programs in the pacific islands and giving a helping hand at the local fundraising bbqs.  I also love spending quality time with my two cats who seem to have been adopted by the iClick2Learn team! 

Kellie Jennar

Kellie Jennar

Production Manager

Ideas stay ideas until they meet a producer. My role is to make your ideas come to life. I lead the large amount of invisible work underpinning our training products. I coordinate everything and everyone; scheduling, actors, legal requirements, budgets, animators, caterers, writers, editors, equipment, film crews, and anything else involved in transitioning an idea into reality. And I love it! 

Visual storytelling is my passion and when I’m not working at iClick2Learn I’m the president of Dubbo Filmmakers Inc. The cross-pollination of these roles has yielded a truly unique way to train. I know how to make something visually effective, and I know the training needs of volunteer organisations. 

One key to running this hive of activity is making sure everyone is well-informed, well-fed, and well-caffeinated. That’s why I put Glen in charge of Friday BBQs and made him our new on-call barista; I told him it was a promotion!

Glen Dunkley

Co-founder & Technology Manager

When I co-founded iClick2Learn with Natalie, I knew we could find a way  to help others realise their potential. I’ve brought my skills as an inbound marketer and web design to iClick2Learn. I lead our team in offering useful, relevant, engaging content across multiple platforms. I also feel strongly about removing barriers to learning, that’s why we offer so much for free or low cost. I want our product to be used and useful!

And I love a challenge, so as well as heading up the nuts-and-bolts of our online presence, I also run training workshops, manage the tech team, coordinate our marketing strategy, and I make the best coffee in the office! 

I’m also the CFD – Chief Food Dispenser. My 2 cats started my feed-on-demand training and apparently I’m good at it, because I’ve been promoted to feeding the whole iClick2Learn team at our Friday lunch!

Mick Wallis

Sustainability Strategist

Any journey needs a starting point and a destination. The Australian business landscape is a challenging environment for organisations and small businesses. With 20 years of experience in building successful businesses, I’ve mapped a good deal of this landscape and I want to help others navigate it. 

iClick2Learn’s ethos of empowering others through training is why I work here, it’s why I’m helping build a sustainable business. By helping iClick2Learn navigate the business world, I’m helping empower people all over the country. I’m proud to be part of this journey and seeing so many community groups move forward towards their goals.

One thing I really enjoy about working here is the active sociocracy. It’s so refreshing to work with people governed by a purpose rather than a hierarchy. There’s so much room for creativity and individuality, it’s why our product is so distinctive, we live our distinctiveness. But with all of this passion it could be easy to lose our way, I keep us on-track and on-purpose.

Lyn Nolan

Finance Manager

Equity is more than just money. I’ve always enjoyed accuracy, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of balancing the books. There’s a rightness to it, like everything is as it should be. Unsurprisingly, I studied accounting and for the last twenty years people have trusted me to manage their equity.

At iClick2Learn my role is the attention to detail in our finances, real accountability starts with our ability in accounts. I see being a stickler as a way to contribute to our integrity and engender trust in our clients.

One of the things I love about my work is the other kind of equity – equity of access to training. I grew up in regional NSW and I know how hard it is when you can’t access relevant training and resources. It’s gratifying to be a part of redressing the imbalance.

Lisa Griffiths iclick2learn

Lisa Griffiths

Content Editor

I like to think of myself as a writer, it’s my thing. At weekends I go home and read books on narrative structure and the hero’s journey. But the truth is not so simple, storytelling is bigger than just writing. Our content is produced by a team of writers, journalists, bloggers, movie makers, educators, clients, and so many more. It all gets very lively! My role is to keep this freneticism inside a larger story – our learner’s journey.

Storytelling and learning often occupy different worlds, learning is what happens in classrooms and stories are told in movies. Learning is work, stories are fun. And yet stories are the secret teachers of our lives, connecting ideas to actions, handbook ideals to carried-out practice. At iClick2Learn, we strive to deliver the best of both worlds, crafting a learner’s journey with details of the classroom and the engagement of a story.

Working with our team has been its own story, plenty of action and lots of character development. I love it, the people, the production, the coffee that magically appears on my desk, and the office has 2 ‘therapy’ cats. Best. Job. Ever.

Dominic Cudmore

Legal Advisor and Educator

I’m an experienced law professional and I advise iClick2Learn in legal matters. I’m also an educator at iClick2Learn, I help learners understand Compliance in their sector. I draw on years of providing expert legal advisory services on employment contracts, disputes, mediation and risk management training across the country. I consult with many not-for-profit and charitable organisations in all aspects of their operations. But I take a special interest in arts and cultural policy, Australia/Asia relations, indigenous affairs, philanthropy, and social enterprise.

Communication is at the heart of my work. Every person is in a context and good communication takes that into account. This could mean drafting a constitution to meet an organisation’s needs, or translating complex language into understandable learning content. Unsurprisingly, my love of communication spills into my personal life, I love to travel and I’m fluent in English, Dutch, French and German.

One of the things I find interesting about iClick2Learn’s online delivery style is how it stimulates creativity. Using electronic resources that are readily available across the country, organisations can customise training to meet the needs of real people in their context. This is the future of training. Our online learning provides dynamic support, relatable and accessible for everyone.


Kim Buttfield

Sport & Recreation Educator

Sport is the backbone of a strong community. I live and breathe sports of all kinds, it’s my passion. I’ve seen how sporting clubs can impact communities, especially in rural towns. That’s why I founded Kim Buttfield Consulting, to support sport, recreation, and community groups. I work in tandem with iClick2Learn, I offer over 25 years of sector experience in governance, funding, and strategic planning. My experience is supported by a diploma in business governance and a bachelor of applied science.

Something I value about working with iClick2Learn is the commitment to customisation. No two learners are the same and neither are their organisations or towns. There are so many variables in training needs and the one-size-fits-all approach leaves most people on the sidelines. We are team players, working with people towards a win/win outcome.

knowledge transfer

We Share Knowledge

Knowledge is power and we empower others by sharing knowledge. Our passion for learning spills over into our training products and work culture. We collaborate, encourage questions and share ideas so everyone can learn. As part of our commitment to sharing knowledge, we seek out feedback to help us learn. We also look for ways to expand access to knowledge by removing barriers to learning.

Provide value

We Deliver Value

Going the extra mile is our standard because we respect people and resources. We cultivate respectful relationships with authenticity and integrity. We are honest, reliable and work together to create innovative solutions. We believe the best in others and encourage reciprocity. We pay attention to details and support others to deliver value for people’s investment.


We Create Impact

Creating real solutions for real people in real places. We focus on current and future solutions that are practical, accessible and equitable. We impact our communities by creating healthy and enjoyable learning experiences. We prioritise the lived reality of people over abstract ideas and we’re willing to tackle tough questions. We focus on equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility in everything we do.

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