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Meet the team

At iClick2Learn, we find ways to help board, staff and volunteers of not profit organisations just like you to achieve great results within their organisation, by providing affordable online education.

Natalie Bramble

As a Not-for-Profit and Social Enterprise educator, Natalie has trained over 10,000 community volunteers and staff and started the foray into eLearning with her consulting business in 2012.  Being regionally based, she recognises a need for accessible knowledge and education for regional, rural and remote board, staff and volunteers. Natalie holds certificates and qualifications in eLearning; Governance, Marketing and a Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship.  She has also just recently completed her MBA.


Glen Dunkley

Glen Dunkley

Glen works with our tech team, He designs our user experience; oversees eCourse production on the site; site development and design; records and edits our in-house eCourses; develop all technical requirements specifications and manages the improvements through to completion; and also oversees our digital marketing; webmaster and SEO functions.  When he’s not working on a project with iClick2Learn, Glen helps clients in his owns business, iConnectYou, a digital marketing consultancy.


Annette fergusonAnnette Ferguson

Annette is an articulate writer, skilled illustrator and has a passion for communicating and presenting information. Being vision-impaired has given her the capability to think outside the square in learning terms, the ability to understand broader concepts and simplify complex information. It’s this approach, which has taught Annette the importance of non-linear learning and the desire to help others overcome obstacles in their own learning journeys.

Dominic CudmoreDominic Cudmore

Dominic is an experienced employment law professional for the SME, corporate, NFP/NGO and public sector employers and their staff. Providing expert legal advisory services on employment contracts, disputes, mediation and risk management training. 

Dominic's interests include the development of the creative sectors in Australia, arts and cultural policy, Australia/Asian relations, indigenous affairs, philanthropy, social enterprise, Westminster democracy, languages (French, Dutch, German, Italian and Slovenian), architecture (New Urbanism), design and travel.


Mick Wallis

Mick Wallis

Mick has almost 20 years’ experience as a successful small business owner and advisor. Most recently as a business advisor on the Federal Government’s, Australian Small Business Advisory Services Programme.

Mick started and grew his own small business in the Newcastle and Hunter Region from nothing, to become the market leader from much larger multinationals, before eventually selling his business to one of the world’s top 100 companies. He is passionate about small business and has a unique understanding of what it takes to build a successful small business in a market dominated by corporate giants.


Linda Tillman

Linda is a regional event specialist. Her goal is to help regional communities improve their events and increase the economic impact and sustainability.  She has launched ReventsAacademy and is working is currently developing a range of eCourses and accompanying podcasts to build education and knowledge for our not-for-profits who rely on events for fundraising and social well-being. Linda is based in regional QLD.


Kim Buttfield

Kim Buttfield, from KBC Consulting is a recognized ‘community development broker’ with over 25 years of professional experience in the health, sport and recreation industry; combined with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Sports Science) and governance, facilitation, and training qualifications.

Kim has an in-depth understanding of the commitment and passion of regional volunteers and the challenges faced by our club volunteers in governing and running sport and recreation in rural settings.


Julian Blogg

As the founder of Cineshots, Julian is a videographer based in the beautiful south coast Western Australian.  He has filmed and produced a number of community projects, including the award-winning Give2Sport video, which was a joint winner of the Department of Sport and Recreations Volunteer Awards in 2016.  He has worked with Great Southern Sport Talent Association through their Coaches Club Program, filming state and national coach presentations and is an active sportsman.

Lyn Nolan

Lyn has an extensive background in finance and holds a certificate IV bookkeeping qualification. Lyn manages all our financial systems and governance and assists with administration support as needed.

There is increasing pressure on Not for profit organisations and social enterprises in Australia to deliver sustainable programs, services, and events. They have limited resources and the majority lack the budgets to continually up-skill and develop their staff and volunteers. To attend training, staff and volunteers need to take time away from home in the evening and weekends and volunteers take leave from paid work during the day. This is inconvenient and costly to the organisation and volunteers; their organisation and staff of Councils and Government agencies who are also attending late nights and weekends.

With this in mind, the iClick2Learn concept was built on the premise that staff and volunteers need affordable, timely access to tools and knowledge to make it easier for them to deliver essential services and social impacts to their communities.


The mission of iClick2Learn is to provide easily understood, affordable, and relevant online education for staff and volunteers of not-for-profits and social enterprises. Through iClick2Learn, volunteers have access to knowledge and non-profit experts, making it easy and fun to volunteer.

iClick2Learn is a social enterprise, registered in New South Wales. The social enterprise has been co-founded by Natalie Bramble, Glen Dunkley, and Karen Saunders.